Operation 99% Web Projects

Operation 99% is a small, unfunded organization of activists who vehemently deny that trying to make the world a better place is a foolish goal.

Witness: Operation 99%

Witness is a crowdsourced location-based reporting tool for reports of police brutality, police shootings, anti-protest action by police, both violent and non-violent, as well as reports of police as the good guys. [coming soon]


Caucus is a webforum for activists to gather, communicate, plan, and share. A social network for politics with a focus on doing something rather than endlessly arguing.

Cosmic Threads

Cosmic Threads represents the adventuring nomads behind Operation 99%. We build websites, host servers, and engage with other humans via digital means. We also live in a tiny teardrop trailer and travel from place to place, refusing to be anchored down.